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No.KFCSC/PRO/PDS/JOWAR.RAGI/2013-14/                                                                   Date: 13.09.2013 

Reference is invited to notification No.KFCSC / PRO / JOWAR (GRAIN) RAGI/NCDEX/ 2013-14 Dated. 03.09.2013 regarding Empanelment of suppliers for supply of Jowar (Grain) and Ragi under PDS for the year 2013-14 through e-procurement mode.

Amendment to Clause 6.2

The following Clause-6.2 has been modified as follows.

The Jower (Maldandi) (M-35-1) (Bijapur white jowar) shall be dried and matured grains of Sorgum Vulgare. It shall have a uniform size, shape and color. It shall be in sound merchantable condition and also confirming to FSSAI standards and fit for human consumption.

Jowar shall be sweet, hard, clean, wholesome and free from moulds , weevils, obnoxious smell, Aregemone Mexicana and Lathyrus Sativus (khesari) in any form , colouring matter, admixture of deleterious substances and other impurities except to the extent of indicated in the schedule below.


The Jower (Maldandi) (M-35-1) (Bijapur white jowar)

Sl. No. Refractions Maximum Limits (%)
1 Foreign matter* 1.0
2 Other food grains 3.0
3 Damaged grains 1.5
4 Slightly damaged & discoloured grains 1.0
5 Shrivelled & Immature grains 4.0
6 Weevilled grains 1.0
7 Moisture content 14.0

• Not more than 0.25% by weight shall be mineral matter and not more than 0.10% by weight shall be impurities of animal origin.


1. The definition of the above refractions and method of analysis are to be followed as given in Bureau of Indian Standard ‘Method of analysis for foodgrains’ Nos.IS:4333 (Part-I):1966 and IS:4333(Part-II): 2002 and 'Terminology for foodgrains’ IS :2813-1955 as amended from time to time .

2. The method of sampling is to be followed as given in Bureau of Indian Standard ‘Method of sampling of cereals and pulses ‘ No IS: 14818-2000 as amended from time to time.

3. Within the overall limit of 1.0% for foreighn matter, the poisonous seeds shall not exceed 0.5% of which Dhatura and Akara seeds (Vicia Species) not to exceed 0.025% and 0.2% respectively.

Kernels with glumes will not be treated as unsound grains. During physical analysis the glumes will be removed and treated

The modification will come in to force with immediate effect. This is for the information all the registered suppliers and interested parties. Please note the same while quoting the prices in the e-auction scheduled to be conducted henceforth.