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NOTIFICATION calling for Tenders and Request for Proposal (RFP)

NO.KFCSC/IT/MFR-123/2012-2013                                                                             DATED: 20.10.2012


Sealed Tenders are invited from authorized dealers indicating their lowest fixed price for supply of one server to be installed in the office of National Informatics Centre, C-Wing, 5th floor, Kendriya Sadan, Koramangala, Bangalore -560034.

Technical Specification and Functional requirements of the Server:

Rack Server-2P (Server having two numbers Intel Xeon X5650 (6 core, 2.66 GHz, 12 MB Cache, 6.4GT/s QPI) or higher, 48 GB DDRIII ECC Memory expandable upto 96 GB, Integrated Graphic Controller, SAS Controller supporting RAID 0 & 1, two nos. dual port gigabit server Ethernet on separate controllers, 2x300GB SAS Hot swap HDD (10k rpm or higher), DVD ROM drive, remote management features over LAN and WAN including out of band, Virtual media and KVM over IP, Chassis (max.2U) with Radundant Hot Swap Power Supply to sustain above configuration and 6 Hot Swap Internal Drive bays for HDDs, Certification for Windows and Linux, clustering support and necessary feature to disconnect failed node from shared storage in cluster and with five years on-site comprehensive warranty support.

Eligibility Criteria

1. Free delivery at site including installation and commission.

2. Price should be quoted for the Server, inclusive of all taxes and other levies in force.

3. Proof of ownership of the manufacturing facility or authorized dealership.

4. VAT Registration Certificates

5. PAN registration certificate under the Indian Income Tax Act, 1961

6. Proof to show that the supplier is in the business of manufacturing or dealing in the business of Computer hard ware and other accessories in the past 3 years.

7. List of clients to whom the supplier has supplied similar hardware in the previous years.

8. Insurance is the responsibility of the supplier till server is delivered at the venue mentioned above.

9. The Managing Director reserves its rights to accept or reject any or all the tender and to annul the whole tender process at any time prior to awarding of contract without thereby incurring any liability to the affected tenderers.

10. Onsite warranty: Minimum Five years comprehensive warranty support. After the warranty period the devices would e covered under yearly Annual Maintenance Contract.

11. The Server shall function in tandem with the software installed in the Computer Systems developed by the National Informatics Center (NIC).

12. Serial numbers of the server must be furnished at the time of supply.

13. The successful supplier shall supply the Server within 15 days of issuing of the supply order.

14. The agreed amount will be paid by the Managing Director, KFCSC Limited, Head office , Bangalore, upon satisfactory commissioning of the Server , on the basis of the invoice submitted by the supplier duly enclosing the dated acknowledgement with the seal of the concerned for having carried out the work satisfactorily.

15. We may cancel the order placed on the successful dealer/supplier for supply of Server.

16. Only main dealers of the manufacturer are eligible to participate.

17. EMD: An amount of Rs. 50,000/- Rupees Fifty Thousand Only) as earnest money deposit should accompany in the form of Demand Draft/Bankerís Cheque.

18. If, after the agreement has been entered into it is proved that any of the information furnished by the supplier in the     quotation is false or that the supplier secured the contract through misrepresentation of facts in whatsoever manner, the     agreement is liable to be terminated forthwith and security deposit shall be forfeited by the Managing Director, Karnataka     Food and Civil Supplies Corporation Limited Bangalore

19. During the warranty period, for comprehensive onsite warranty, the successful supplier should have back to back agreement with the original equipment manufacturer.

20. The supplier should strictly adhere to the implementation schedule, as specified in the purchase order for performance of     the obligations arising out of the contract and any delay thereof will enable the Managing Director, Karnataka food and Civil     Supplies Corporation Limited Bangalore.

a. The supplier shall be liable to pay the Managing Director Karnataka Food and Civil Supplies Corporation Limited,     Vasantha nagar, Bangalore penalty at the rate of Rs 100/- per day of the delayed portion of the work for one week and     thereafter Rs 200/- per day.

b. Termination of the agreement fully or partly and claim of liquidated damages.

The last date for submission of Tender is 7th of November 2012 up to 3.00pm. The tender received after 3.00pm on 7th November 2012 will be rejected. The Sealed Tender will be opened on the same day at 4.00pm or at a later date to be decided by the Managing Director in the presence of the suppliers.

The Tender document can be had in person during working hours on any working day, between 10-00 am and 5-00 pm, on payment of Rs.100/- (non-refundable) by DD from the office of the Managing Director, KARNATAKA FOOD AND CIVIL SUPPLIES CORPORATION LIMITED. No.16/I, Millers Tank Bed Area, Vasantha Nagar, Bangalore-560 052. Or one who downloads from the website:http://www.kfcsc.com, the cost for the bid document of Rs.100/- DD has to be enclosed along with the EMD.



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