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                                   EMPANELMENT OF PRACTICING CHARTERED ACCOUNTANTS                                               

Applications are invited from registered Chartered Accountants with Institute of Chartered Accountants of India for being empanelled by KFCSC Ltd., as Internal Auditors for Head Office, District Offices and other Wholesale/Retail Points/units for the financial year 2011-12. Those Auditors who are already working for KFCSC are also requested to register afresh.

The terms and conditions and the application format can be found on the web site www.kfcsc.com

Completed applications should reach the above address on or before 30-04-2011.


MANAGING DIRECTOR                   


Karnataka Food & Civil Supplies Corporation established on 07-09-1973 and registered with Registrar of Companies under Companies Act of 1956. Its head office located in Bangalore having its branches at all district head quarters except Madikeri and Udupi districts. It has more than 187 Wholesale points and 202 Retail points apart from LPG units , Kerosene Depots. and Petrol Bunks and Akshara Dasoha Outlets.

1. The internal auditors will be appointed District wise. In case of non availability of Chartered Accountants, the Internal Auditors will be selected from the neighbouring districts.

2. The payment of audit fees is varying from Rs.5,000/- to Rs.12,000/- based on the wholesale points, retail points and other units.

3. If the auditor office is located other than the Head quarters no separate conveyance, traveling, lodging and boarding other miscellaneous expenses will be paid.

4. In the case of the Auditor from other neighbouring districts, then also no separate conveyance, traveling, lodging and boarding other miscellaneous expenses will be paid.

5. The fees mentioned in serial No.2 is inclusive of all expenses referred in Serial No.3 & 4.

6. The Internal Audit is consisting of verifying the books of accounts, general ledgers, sub ledgers, registers and other relevant records /statements pertaining to day to day transactions. They are made available at the concerned district offices.

7. Physical verification of stocks held at different wholesale / retail points and other Units to be carried out once in a month and separate verified statement with seal and signature of the proprietor / partner should be submitted to the District Manager and Internal Audit Section at Head Office.

8. We have designed the audit report formats. The internal audit should be completed and report to be submitted on monthly basis to the Managing Director of KFCSC latest by 15th of the succeeding month. And also compliance report along with the monthly report.

9. The internal auditors are expected to visit district offices, wholesale depots / retail depots/ other outlets during the time of audit and certificate duly signed by District Manager and the Internal Auditors should be submitted to the District Manager, Internal Audit Section, Head Office.

10. In the case of Akshara Dasoha Scheme, the claims submitted by the District Office should be verified and ensure for the correct claim and also follow up of claim.

11. In the case of MSP transactions based on the quantity purchased, the separate fees will be fixed. The stock should be verified physically and reconciliation should be carried out by referring to purchase register, stock register, payment register, transportation and storage bond receipts and other relevant records. In the case of storage of goods in private godowns approved by Head office, the auditor has to visit and verify the physical stock. A separate report should be submitted once in 15 days.

12. Pre Audit in respect of payment of Rs.10,000-00/- and above pertaining to expenses should be carried out.

13. Internal Audit manual, Scope of Audit, format for the monthly audit report will be provided on the selection and appointment as Internal Auditor.


FINANCE MANAGER                   


The Managing Director,,
Karnataka Food and Civil Supplies Corporation Ltd.,
Ahara Bhavan, 16/I, Millers Tank Bed Area,
BANGALORE - 560052

Dear Sir,

I am / we are interested to take up Internal Audit /other assignments in your esteemed Organization.

I/We request you to include our name in the empanelment of Chartered Accountants of the Chartered Accountants. We furnish herein below the particulars.

1. Name of the Individual /Proprietor /Firm
   and Address with Telephone No. and email:

2. Name of the Proprietor/Partners
    with Membership No., and PAN No.:

3. Year of establishment:.

4. Registration No. with SIRC, Chennai:

5. Experience:

6. Experience as internal auditor in
    Karnataka Government Under takings:

Place:                                                                                                                                     Signature
Date:                                                                                                                                     With Seal

NOTE: The Application should reach us on or before 30-04-2011