# 16/I, Millers Tank Bed Area, Vasanthnagar, Bangalore - 560 052


.KFCSC /PDS/PRP/RBD P.OIL/NCDX/2014-15/1                                                                               Date: 29-05-2015  

Reference is invited to the notification No.KFCSC /PDS/PRP/RBD P.OIL/NCDX/2014-15/1 dated: 13.03.2015 regarding "Request for Proposal, Empanelment of suppliers for supply of RBD Palmolein Oil under Public Distribution System Scheme of Government of Karnataka for 2015-16 under e-procurement mode:

The following amendments for the respective Clauses have been incorporated.

1. Clause no 9.3 of the above tender under "ORDER FOR SUPPLIES" the words "Quantities supplied in excess of the quantity specified in the purchase order will not be paid for. Supply of required quantity should be as indented by the District Managers of the KFCSC Ltd. The District Manager of KFCSC Ltd at his sole discretion may place Purchase orders/indents by FAX / LETTER / E-MAIL, pending execution of agreement. The successful qualified supplier is bound to honour such indents and shall arrange to supply requisite quantity of RBD Plamolien Oil to the designated locations. Suppliers shall take note that twenty (20) days time will be given to deliver commodities indented for supply. Suppliers are bound to adhere to such delivery schedules without fail." shall be deleted and the words "suppliers shall be intimated regarding the acceptance of their bid by way of declaration of e auction results by KFCSC Ltd. , through e mail by Ncdex e Market Limited. The suppliers shall take all necessary steps to commence the production, packing, assaying and dispatch of the tendered quantity at the approved rate and complete the delivery to the respective wholesale points within 20 days from date of communication of e auction results. For the purpose of entering into agreement with concerned District Manager the suppliers shall be issued with a purchase order /indent subject to remittance of security deposit. Suppliers shall adhere to delivery schedule of 20 days from the date of such communications without fail "shall be inserted

2. Clause no 9.7 of the of the above tender under "ORDER FOR SUPPLIES" for the words "non acceptance of purchase order / indents" the words "non-remittance of Security Deposit " shall be substituted

All interested parties may take a note of the above corrigendum which shall come in to effect immediately.