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  No.KFCSC/IT/MFR-45/2008-09/                                                                                Date: 21st February 2009  

Subject: Supply of one Dot Matrix Printer.

Sealed quotations are invited from authorized dealers indicating their lowest fixed price for supply of 1(one) number of 24 pin-136 column Dot Matrix printer of wipro, Epson Brand to our Head office, KFCSC Ltd., No16/I, Millar tank Bed area Vasanthanagar.Bengaluru-52.

The dot Matrix Printers must have these specifications:-

Specification: a). Speed: Minimum 450 Cps Draft mode and 100 Cps in LQ mode.
b). Number of copies: 1+5 and above.
c). PPH: 235 and above.
d). MTBF: 10,000 POH.
e). Language Printing: Indian.

Following are the terms and conditions:

1. Free delivery at site including installation and commissioning.

2. Price should be quoted for per printer.

3. Insurance is the responsibility of the supplier till printers are delivered at our District Office in full and good conditions and purchaser will not pay separately for insurance.

4. Price must be inclusive of all taxes and other levies in force.

5. Onsite Warranty: Minimum three years comprehensive with print head. Supplier Should provide free of cost a suitable and durable cover to protect the printer from dust.

6. Supplier must train at least 3 of our employees at respective branches about the proper usage of printer and its day-to-day maintenance.

7. Supplier should provide free of cost a suitable and durable cover to protect the printer from dust.

8. Serial number of the printer, printer head, logic board and other important parts must be furnished at the time of supply.

9. Validity of price quoted shall be for a minimum of 30 days.

10. Delivery period: one week from the date of receipt of our order.

11. Payment: 100% payment against delivery, installation & satisfactory working of the Printers.

12. Payment will be made by the KFCSC Head office, Bengaluru, on submission of bill along with delivery challan duly acknowledged and installation certificate from the respective authorized receiver.

13. The Corporation may at its discretion may place order for supply of less/more number of Printers.

14. This notification may be withdrawn or cancelled without prior notice at any time on or before the last date.

15. We may cancel the order placed on the successful dealer/supplier for supply of printer without assigning any reason at any time before the printer is dispatched.

16. Only main dealers of the manufacturer are eligible to participate.

17. Following should be enclosed to the quotation:

a. Proof of main dealership.

b. Company profile.

c. Clientele list with year and value of material supplied.

d. Tax number certificate and

d. Address, contact person name and phone number of the Authorized Service Center, who is proposed by the dealer for servicing the printer at our respective Office during the warranty period.

Quotations must be either submitted in person at or sent by register post to:

The General Manager,
Karnataka Food and Civil Supplies Corporation Ltd.,
16/I, Miller Tank Bed Area, Vasanthanagar,

Last date for submitting the quotations is 26th Feb 2009 till 3 PM and they will be opened on the same day at 4 PM at the same place in the presence of those who choose to be present on the occasion. For any further information call 9448496005: Website: kfcsc.com and email address: it@kfcsc.com.