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        No.KFCSC/IT/MFR-99/2008-09/                                                                                 January 21, 2011


Sub: Annual Service Maintenance Contract for Computers and Printers.

Sealed quotation indicating lowest rate are invited for Service and Maintenance (Non Comprehensive) of Computers and Printers available with us to reach the undersigned on or before the date mentioned below. The total number are: (a) Systems - 63 and (b) Printers: Dot Matrix - 39, Laser Jet - 15 and Desk / Ink Jet – 3 as detailed in the enclosure.


1.Period of ASMC
1.Annual Service-Cum-Maintenance Contract (ASMC) is for a period of One year from the date of agreement and
2.ASMC period can be extended for mutually accepted period with all other terms and conditions remaining same.
3.The corporation can terminate the ASMC without assigning any reasons with 15 days notice.
II. A.Scope of Work:
1. The ASMC shall cover the following services and maintenance in respect of the hardware, software and other systems mentioned in “ASMC ITEM LIST”:
a. Preventive Maintenance.
b. Attending complaints and breakdown calls from users
c. Minor repairs and corrective actions
d. Replacement of parts provided by KFCSC
e. Installation of Hardware provided by KFCSC
f. Installation of Operating systems and Application software (MS Office, Nudi, Anti-Virus and such others) provided by KFCSC
g. Reporting problems existing or anticipated
h. Coordinate with consultants/ technicians other than the Contractor himself
i. Taking Backup once a month.
B. Exclusion:
1. An “ASMC item” having warranty is not covered under this ASMC till expiry date and till it is included in the ‘ASMC Item List’.
2. An “ASMC item” will automatically exclude from the contract from the time either of its disposal in any manner or on becoming unusable.
III.Obligations on the part of CONTRACTOR are that he:
1.Shall attend to complaints and breakdown within 2 hours of calling.
2. Shall ensure all systems to work to its full efficiency and minimum down time.
3. Shall provide KFCSC all technical information on new operating system, network configuration and its updates/patches as available on internet and provided by KFCSC (OS, MS Office, anti-virus, Nudi, etc).
4. Install software provided by KFCSC and ensuring that it works.
5. And his personnel maintain good conduct and professional ethics.
6. And his personnel are responsible for damaging any part/s and/or corrupting software while serving and replaces / sets right the same at his cost.
7.If required by KFCSC, repairing / overhauling the systems and its components shall be carried out at site, if possible, including replacement of parts provided by KFCSC.
8.Preventive maintenance of the machines shall be done once in 3 months.
9.Shall depute one person once a week for routine checkup.
10.Shall provide systems as standby in place of system under repair for more than a day.
11.Shall take backup as and when required by KFCSC.
12.Checks configuration of each item and provide data initially on taking up the ASMC and on up-gradation, thereafter.
13.Diagnose and report existing or anticipated problem/s to the nominated officer in time.
14.Shall update “ASMC Sheet” after servicing/ maintenance each time.
15.Shall replace defective part/s with those supplied by KFCSC or from one system to another as required by KFCSC.
16.Configure the networking in the systems concerned.
17.Identify Network failures / malfunctions and report to the nominated officer in time.
18.Ensures that the parts replaced both with price and free, are genuine.
19.Has agreed that ownership of the damaged parts on replacement shall be of KFCSC.
20.Ensures that his personnel are qualified with, at least, one-year experience.
21.Ensures that his personnel have Identity Card.
22.Inform KFCSC, within two working days, if personnel are discontinued.
IV.Rates: The rate for ASMC shall be for each item on the ‘ASMC Item List’ is enclosed.
V.Payment terms: Payment will be made quarterly, after satisfactory service/Maintenance and submission of bill. However, payment will proportionately be reduced in all cases of clause II (B) above.
VI.Penalty Clause: Failure to arrange in terms of this contract for the Servicing/ repair / replacement of component / system will be liable for penalty equivalent to the expenses incurred by KFCSC for getting the job done by other on each occasion.
VII.Dispute: 1) Means of settlement: By way of Arbitration in force, 2) Arbitrator: Mutually agreed and 3) Legal Jurisdiction will be Bangalore city.
VIII. Note: If necessary you can inspect the computer systems and printers before submitting the quotation rates.
The sealed quotation will be received till 1 PM on 29th Jan 2011. The quotation shall be opened on the same day at 4 PM in the presence of those Contractors who may present at the time.
General Manager