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       No.KFCSC/ITS.MFR-55/10-11/                                                                                 Date: 17th Jan 2011


Sub:Maintaining of Website reg.

Sealed Quotation is invited from authorized Vendors indicating their lowest price for maintaining the Website, “KFCSC.COM” ,which is Linux based.

The Following are the requirements: -
1.Creation, deletion and updating of mail accounts and allocation of appropriate space.
2.Creation of mail aliases/groups and maintain the same.
3.Create and maintain appropriate Spam filters and security filters.
4.Create and maintain appropriate ftp policies and security for upload and down load of files.
5.Create and maintain appropriate web site/server policies and security.
6.Recommend to KFCSC on various usage reports like bandwidth, disk, website, users etc. Reports as appropriate.
7.Uploading, Updating and Maintaining content to the website whenever required.
8.Recommend enhancements to website like some specialized content, new web pages or new yout or new design.
Terms and Conditions:
a. Payment Terms to be indicated by vendor, subject to discussion and acceptance by KFCSC.
b. KFCSC also reserves its right to cancel its order without assigning any reason at any time before entering into the  agreement.
c. In case of disputes, jurisdiction shall be Bangalore.
d. If the vendor fails to provide required service, the service will be got done through other service provider, in which case the vendor is bound to pay expenses incurred by KFCSC.
e. It is considered that the participant has agreed all the terms an conditions of this notification merely by quoting his prices.
f. The vendor should attend the work allotted to him within time schedule.
g. Diagnose and report existing or anticipated problem/s to the nominated officer in time.
h. Failure to arrange in terms of this contract for maintaining the website will be liable for penalty equivalent to the expenses incurred by KFCSC for getting the job done by other on each occasion.
i. KFCSC reserves its right to withdraw this notification without assigning any reason therefore any time on or before the date scheduled for opening the quotations.

Last date for submission of sealed quotation is 25th jan 2011 till 1pm. Delay due to postal courier etc., will not be considered. Quotation must be submitted to:

The General Manager,
Karnataka Food and Civil Supplies Corporation Ltd.,
16/I, Miller Tank Bed Area, Vasanthanagar,

The sealed quotation received will be opened on 25th Jan 2011 at 4.30pm in the presence of those who may choose to be present then. For any further information call 9448436005 email:it@kfcsc.com.
General Manager