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        No:KFCSC/IT/MFR 100/2010-11                                                                                Date: 27th May 2009


Sub: Quotations are invited for Supply of Antivirus

Quotations are invited for Supply of Antivirus for supply of 50 and 75 users having minimum specification as in the enclosure. These anti virus software are required for use in HO and in all the Districts of Karnataka. Prices should be inclusive of all taxes, duties and such other levies applicable. The successful vendor shall effect delivery within seven days from the date of receipt of our purchase order. 95% payment against satisfactory installation and working of the software and 5% on completion of one year. The vendor should provide free support for one year. He must produce an attested copy the document to show that he is an authorized dealer for the above-mentioned product.

The quotations should reach the undersigned on or before 3.6.2010 Within 3 pm and it will be opened at 4 pm in the presence of General Manager,KFCSC Ltd, No.16/I, Millers Tank Bed Area, Vasantha nagar, Bangalore-52.

General Manager

        Ref: Notification No. KFCSC/IT/MFR 100/2010-11                                                                                 Date: 27th May 2010


             Antivirus software must have at least the following Specification listed below:                                                                                

                a) Web/e-mail scanning                                                                                

                b) Virus (Known and unknown) Scanning                                                                                

                c) Anti Spam                                                                                

                d) Anti- spy ware                                                                                

                e) Trozen deletion                                                                                

                f) Scan management over server                                                                                

                g) Personal firework                                                                                

                h) Site filtering                                                                                

                i) Remote deployment (on network)                                                                                

                j) Auto Updating day to day basis                                                                                

                k) Parental control                                                                                

                l) Popup filter                                                                                

             Note: Additional facility if any may be mentioned with the Specifications of the software and its limitations must be explained.                                                                                

General Manager