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  No. KFCSC/ITS/MFR-98/09-10/                                                                                Date: 8th May 2009  

Sealed quotations in prescribed form offering lowest prices are invited from manufactures having service support at or nearest to the intended location for Supply and installation of Two 1 KVA Line Interactive UPS.

1. Intended location where the supply and installation is to be effected:

a)    Karnataka Food and Civil Supplies Corporation Ltd
  No. 223/1, Bazaar street cross
  IV division, Chikkaballapura.
  Contact No:94484 96027
b)    Karnataka Food and Civil Supplies Corporation Ltd
  No.303, 3rd Floor,
  Zilla Adalitha Bhavan,
  Chamarajanagar-571 313
  Contact No: 94484 96017

2. Eligibility :

a) Participant must be a manufacturer / Authorised dealer.
b) Participant must have service support for UPS at or nearest to the intended place.
c) Participant must have at least 5 years experience in the field.
d) Participant must have executed at least five similar works worth a minimum of Rs.1,00,000/- satisfactorily in each calendar year 2008 and 2009.
e) Participant must possess ISO certificate.

3. Price :

a) Price quoted must be inclusive of all duties/ taxes/ levies/ transport/ transit/ insurance/ installation etc and be net price for KFCSC.
b) Price quoted must be both in figure and words. In case of discrepancy between the two, the lowest price shall be taken to account
c) Price must be quoted for one UPS.
d) Prices quoted must be valid for 30 days from the date of opening of quotation.
e) Paise must be rounded off to rupee.

4. Schedule for work completion :

The work must be completed within 7 days from the date of receipt of work order.

5. Documents to be furnished along with quotation :

a) Consent letter for having agreed to supply the BATTERIES as per the terms and conditions of notification.
b) Document to show that the supplier is manufacturer
c) Document to show that the Participant has at least 5 years experience in the field.
d) Proof for commissioning of five (5) work orders, worth a minimum of Rs.1,00,000/- in each 2008 and 2009 calendar years.
e) Clientele list (in 2008 and 2009 each calendar years)
f) VAT registration certificates
g) Copy of ISO certificate
h) Authority letter to sign documents of this quotation in case of a Company / partnership firm
i) Profile of Company / partnership firm / proprietary concern
j) Proof of having service support at or nearest to the intended location with address, contact person, phone numbers. etc

6. Warranty : Warranty shall be for minimum of 2 years

7. Criteria for selection :

a) Lowest price for the work
b) Service support for UPS at or nearest to the intended location
c) Conforming to specification as in the annexure
d) More features than specified, if any
e) Supply schedule of lesser period than intended above in clause 3
f) Warranty: Period exceeding minimum period as in 6, if offered will have preference.

8. Payment :

a) 100% on satisfactory completion of supply and Installation/work duly certified by the District Manager, Chamarajanagara and Chikaballapura.
b) Shall be made within 15 days on production of invoice with certificate as in 6(a) above.

9. Other terms and conditions :

a) KFCSC reserves its right to withdraw this notification without assigning any reason therefore any time on or before the date scheduled for opening the quotations.
b) KFCSC also reserves its right to cancel its order to supply and work without assigning any reason at any time before material is dispatched.
c) In case of disputes jurisdiction shall be Bangalore.
d) On site Warranty for a minimum of 2 years for UPS must be agreed.
e) If required UPS shall be subjected to third party evaluation for confirmation of capacity and quality at the discretion of KFCSC if required. If any deviation from the offered specification is found, the supplier will be blacklisted and subjected to legal action. Further, he shall be liable to pay difference in cost of acquiring similar UPS.
f) If the supplier fails to provide after sales service, the service will be got done through other service provider, in which case the supplier is bound to pay expenses incurred by KFCSC.
g) Quoting of rate by the participant will be in continuing to all terms and conditions of this Notification.
h) Conditional quotations will be rejected.

10. The prescribed quotation form can be collected from the District Manager (IT), Karnataka Food and Civil Supplies Corporation        Ltd., 16/I, Miller’s Tank bed Area, Vasanthnagara, Bangalore 560 052 during working days and hours till

11. Last date for submission of sealed quotation is 14th May 2009 till 3:30pm. Delay due to postal, courier, etc. will not be considered. Quotation must be submitted to:

   The General Manager
  Karnataka Food & Civil Supplies Corporation Ltd.,
  16/I, Miller's Tank bed Area,
  Bangalore 560 052

The sealed quotation received will be opened on 14th May 2009 at 4pm in the presence of those who may choose to be present then. For any further information call 94484 96005 / email: it@kfcsc.com