Sl.No.Name of the Officer/Official Smt./Shriyuths Present DesignationDate from which working in the District
1 B.S.Mahendra Assistant Manager Sep-09
2 Jagadish.H Hande Office Manager June-09
3 K.N.Ashok Kumar Senior Assistant Aug-08
4 B.P.Kotregowda Senior Assistant Aug-08
5 B.Prakash Senior Assistant June-09
6 G.Nagesh Senior Assistant May-09
7 Syed.Jalall Senior Assistant Aug-08
8 G.Lakshman Rao Senior Assistant June-10
9 H.N.Shivanna Senior Assistant July-10
10 V.B.Sridhar Senior Assistant July-10
11 K.R.Gangadhar Junior Assistant Aug-08
12 Mangalagowri Junior Assistant Aug-08
13 Achuta.A Junior Assistant Aug-08
14 B.Mahadevanna Junior Assistant Dec-09
15 Mahadevaiah Junior Assistant June-10
16 B.Shivaraju Junior Assistant June-10
17 Raja Junior Assistant July-10
18 T.Krishnappa Junior Assistant July-10