Sl.No.Name of the Officer/Official Smt./Shriyuths Present DesignationDate from which working in the District
2 Y.R.Kenchanahally Assistant Manager 8-Nov
3 P.K.Hulihalli Office Manager 10-Aug
4 B.D.Madar Office Manager 10-Aug
5 V.K.Chalavadi Senior Assistant 10-Aug
6 Byranna Senior Assistant 10-Jun
7 P.Y.Madar Senior Assistant(A/C) 2-Nov
8 D.K.Kulakarni Senior Assistant 6-Jun
9 G.K.Kulakarni Senior Assistant 2-Jan
11 S.G.Nellagi Junior Assistant 2-Jan
13 S.P.Pattana Junior Assistant 2-Jun
14 M.GovindaRaju Junior Assistant 10-Feb
15 B.K Vajramatti Junior Assistant 10-Mar
16 S.M Sindagi Junior Assistant 10-Jun
17 Vijayakumar H.Lamani Junior Assistant 2-Jun
18 N.Siddaiah Junior Assistant 6-Jan
19 Chandrakantha Junior Assistant 6-Jan
20 Basavarju Morabagi Junior Assistant 2-Jul
21 (BT Morabagi)
22 Bhimasingh Jadhav Junior Assistant 5-May
23 S.Prabhuswamy Junior Assistant 8-Oct
25 M.B.Talwar Class-IV 2-Jan
26 S.H.Aravatagi Class-IV 2-Jan
27 V.S.Hirematt Class-IV 2-Jan
28 P.B.Bidari Class-IV 2-Jan
29 Basagi S.M Class-IV 2-Sep
30 Pinjara B.A Driver 3-Jul