Sl.No. Name of the Officer/Official Smt./Shriyuths Present Designation Date from which working in the District
1 D.Jayadevarajeurs District Manager Oct-08
3 H.B.Manchaiah Office Manager Nov-03
4 L.Shivalinga Murthy Office Manager Nov-04
5 T.Udaya Office Manager Jun-94
7 S.Vishalakshi Office Manager Jun-06
8 N.D.Puttannaiah Office Manager Jul-04
9 M.Basavaraju Office Manager May-06
10 Shivamahadeva Office Manager May-05
11 P.Laxman Murthy Senior Assistant Oct-04
12 Sathyaprabhavathy Senior Assistant Jul-00
13 M.Maheshchandra Senior Assistant Aug-00
14 Varadaraj Senior Assistant May-05
15 Shalini B.Nayak Senior Assistant May-07
16 M.A.Uma Senior Assistant Jun-07
17 S.Varija Senior Assistant Jul-07
18 D.Govinda Senior Assistant Jun-06
19 Virupaksha Senior Assistant June-10
20 M.R Narasimha Murthy Senior Assistant Aug-10
21 Dodde Gowda Senior Assistant Jan-85
22 S.D.Puttappa Junior Assistant Jan-98
23 Joseph Anthony (Madikeri) Junior Assistant Dec-93
24 M.P.Rani (Madikeri) Junior Assistant Decmber 1996
25 Siddagange Gowda Junior Assistant Jul-04
26 S.E.Siraj Ahmed(Madikeri) Junior Assistant Aug-92
27 N.Krishnappa Junior Assistant Dec-93
28 K.P.Puttaswamy Junior Assistant Aug-88
29 Shivanna Junior Assistant Jan-88
30 K.C.Jaware Gowda Junior Assistant Jan-88
31 M.Shivamallappa Junior Assistant Jan-88
32 T.Venkatappa Junior Assistant Jul-98
33 Hanume Gowda Junior Assistant Aug-00
34 Sayed Inulla Junior Assistant May-01
35 S.Manjunath Rao Junior Assistant Jul-02
36 V.M.Kumar Swamy Junior Assistant Aug-03
37 K.T.Ranga swamy Junior Assistant Nov-04
38 M.Bore Gowda Junior Assistant May-05
39 M.J Mahadeva Junior Assistant June-10
40 H.N.Shivaramaiah Junior Assistant June-10
41 D.M.Jayaram Junior Assistant Aug-10
42 Jalendra Junior Assistant June-10
43 M.S.Arundhathi CCT Jan-88
44 H.P.Machamma (Madiker) CCT Dec-93
45 M.S.Tandela Junior Assistant May-07
47 H.B.Puttaswamaiah Junior Assistant May-06
48 Mallesh Junior Assistant Aug-09
49 K.S.Dasegowda Junior Assistant Apr-10
50 Premkumar David (Madikeri) Class IV Jan-76
51 Mohummed Gouse(Madikeri) Class IV Dec-93
52 M.R.Gayatri Class IV Jan-88
54 C.Chandrashekar Class IV Jan-88
55 B.K.Ramesh Babu Driver Jul-00
56 N.S.Sanne Gowda Class IV Jul-00
57 Y.N.Chandrashekar Rao Class IV Sep-02
58 N.S.Siddaraju Class IV Sep-09
59 Michel B. Fernandis Driver May-90
60 N.C.Uttappa Driver Oct-92
61 Shankar Driver May-84
62 V.Gopal Driver Sep-92
63 Honnegowda Driver Oct-04